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Out Lines Podcast

Jun 29, 2021

Show notes:

In this episode, your hosts - Virginia, Mark, and Jordan - continue strolling through Act One of Now She Dances! (NSD) with a brief interlude about LGBTQ historical milestones that informed the first drafts of the play.

Episode Four ETA - July 13, 2021.

Read the play! Download Doric Wilson's Now She Dances!

Read up on the playwright - Doric Wilson

Learn more about TOSOS –

Read Oscar Wilde's SalomeProject Gutenberg eBook

Read Oscar Wilde's The Importance of Being EarnestProject Gutenberg eBook

From the historical intersections interlude:

LGBTQ Rights Timeline (US History) - Detailed timeline from educational resource

On the decline in theatre censorship (60s/70s) - An article by our own Jordan Schildcrout

Lanford Wilson's The Madness of Lady Bright - Wikipedia entry

Robert Patrick's The Haunted Host - Caffe Cino Photo Archive (includes play text)

Amiri Baraka's The Toilet - CONTINUUM Journal article

The Other Side of Silence (TOSOS) History - From the TOSOS website

Theater of the Ridiculous (Charles Ludlam) - Wikipedia entry

Hot Peaches - YouTube video montage of the faces of Hot Peaches