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Out Lines Podcast

Sep 21, 2021

Virginia, Mark and Jordan forge further into Doric Wilson's Now She Dances! as the play approaches its climax. For this episode's history break, we start exploring a critical source and inspiration for the play - The Trials of Oscar Wilde.

Episode Nine ETA - October 5, 2021.

Episode transcript and links to the following resources are available at

Read the play! Download Doric Wilson's Now She Dances!

Read up on the playwright - Doric Wilson

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References from Episode Eight

The Townhouse - Club's official website

Achilles, Antinous, et al - Homosexuals in History blog post

Alfred Taylor - Educational resource site

"Bruce" implying gay - Listserv of examples

Bowers v. Hardwick - Case breakdown on

Breonna Taylor - Grassroots Law Project case page

Compulsory Heterosexuality - Examination of Adrienne Rich Essay

Samson & Delilah - YouTube trailer for 1949 film

Gross Indecency / sodomy laws - 1885 Labouchere Amendment information

Marquess of Queensberry - Wikipedia page

About the Trials of Oscar Wilde - General Info (with links to transcripts, other resources)