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Out Lines Podcast

Sep 7, 2021

Virginia, Mark and Jordan journey deeper into Act II of Doric Wilson's Now She Dances!. For this episode's history break, we look at one of the birthplaces of Off-Off-Broadway - the legendary Caffe Cino.

Episode Eight ETA - September 21, 2021.

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Read up on the playwright - Doric Wilson

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References from Episode Seven

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Proof that David Leeper (voice of The Prisoner) does not like cats

From the History Break

Return to the Caffe Cino edited by George Birimisa and Steve Susoyev - Full text - Free to read online

Caffe Cino: The Birthplace of Off-Off-Broadway by Wendell C. Stone - Book information

In The Life segment on Caffe Cino - YouTube video

Robert Patrick's presentation on Caffe Cino - YouTube Video

Dames at Sea - Broadway World Article

Dames at Sea - Original off-Broadway Cast Album (previews)