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Out Lines Podcast

Jul 27, 2021

In this "Intermission" episode, your hosts - Virginia, Mark, and Jordan - step away from the play, Now She Dances!, and take a closer look at the playwright, Doric Wilson.

We will return to Now She Dances! in our next episode.

Episode Six ETA - August 24, 2021.

Episode transcript and links to the following resources are available at

Read the play! Download Doric Wilson's Now She Dances! Read up on the playwright - Doric Wilson Learn more about TOSOS at Want to request a manuscript of one of Doric's plays? – Send us a message

References from Episode Five

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2007 Independent Theatre (IT) Award Lifetime Achievement Acceptance - Video - YouTube

Doric Wilson obituary by Patricia Nell Warren - From the On the Purple Circuit Website

Doric's Stonewall Interview - American Experience video

The history of coming out - From The Conversation

The Glines - Photo gallery

"Envisioning Queer Liberation: The Performance of Communal Visibility in Doric Wilson's Street Theater" (by our very own Dr. Schildcrout) - Project Muse article